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    “This conception of education as a process of settling, or hardening, of the fixation of sound principle and righteous dogma in the youth of America brings me at once to state my own view of the purpose of university training. It is exactly the opposite of that of the eminent and learned gentleman to whom I have referred. It is that the purpose of higher education is to unsettle the minds of young men, to widen their horizons, to inflame their intellects. And by this series of mixed metaphors I mean to assert that education is not to teach men facts, theories, or laws; it is not to reform them, or amuse them, or to make them expert technicians in any field; it is to teach them to think, to think straight, if possible; but to think always for themselves.”

    Robert Maynard Hutchins’ speech from the University of Chicago’s 155th convocation held June 11, 1929


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    Sometimes summer’s just for thinkin’

    Kids contemplating the lagoon in Washington Park in the early days of the University. 

    100% would wear those outfits.


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    Alumni wknd outfit selfie because uchicago hard or go home. #UCAW13 #snapback #greenhair #blacklipstick

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  4. This is a dirty, intense place in a grubby city. You can only smooth some of its rough edges. Of course we want some students who will join the Junior League but also those who don’t shave, have bloodshot eyes and read Kierkegaard at 3 in the morning.

    Bertram J. Cohler (via fyuchicago)

    We miss you, Bert.


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    Someone decided to knit the #uchicago quad what (at The University of Chicago)

    It’s yarnbombing, yo. One of our favorite uncommon fund projects!

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    Ask a Mortician

    UChicago alumna Caitlin Doughty ‘06 wrote an undergraduate thesis titled “In Our Image: The Suppression of Demonic Births in Late Medieval Witchcraft Theory”… and then went to morturary school. Dedicated to decrypting death for the modern masses, Doughty runs the popular YouTube video series “Ask a Mortician” (trust us, it’s equal parts informative and hilarious) and was recently profiled in the UChicago Alumni Magazine

    If this tumblr were about UChicagoths, it would pretty much be a hundred pictures of Caitlin Doughty being awesome. Check out the Order of the Good Death. 


  7. Now listen! Can’t you see that when the language was new — as it was with Chaucer and Homer — the poet could use the name of a thing and the thing was really there? He could say “O moon,” “O sea,” “O love” and the moon and the sea and love were really there. And can’t you see that after hundreds of years had gone by and thousands of poems had been written, he could call on those words and find that they were just worn-out literary words? The excitingness of pure being had withdrawn from them; they were just rather stale literary words. Now the poet has to work in the excitingness of pure being; he has to get back that intensity into the language. We all know that it’s hard to write poetry in a late age; and we know that you have to put some strangeness, something unexpected, into the structure of the sentence in order to bring back vitality to the noun. Now it’s not enough to be bizarre; the strangeness in the sentence structure has to come from the poetic gift, too. That’s why it’s doubly hard to be a poet in a late age.

    Taken from a speech by Gertrude Stein at the University of Chicago. Recorded by Thornton Wilder in the introduction to Four in America (1947). (via stilleatingoranges)

    some real talk from our girl GStein


  8. hydeparkproduce:

    Classics Arch.

    for reference, for all those times people wonder what the fuck Wieboldt Hall is.

    I took a class in there once, you wouldn’t have heard of it. 


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    The Vinyl room at the University of Chicago radio station.

    WHPK 88.5.4ever


  10. seen on the uchicago campus.